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Sleepy Tank by NynjaKat Sleepy Tank :iconnynjakat:NynjaKat 63 3
How is it that a nation comes to war? A great, united people torn apart, by something that will come to be seen as miniscule in the grand scheme of things?
Pride, hate, division eventually falls over one thing or another. Our job is only to decide how we should handle this division.
If we allow ourselves to be so easily torn apart by the bias and bigotry that is implanted firmly in the hearts of man, it is as much our faults as it would be those of said bigots.
Ignorance is bliss, until someone acts. You can continue pretending everyone gets along, that the obvious rifts are not quite so firmly entrenched in society as they are, though only for so long can you anchor to the facade of harmony with one another.
One day, every human walking this earth will see penance for their crimes. Society has to believe in this sentiment, lest we descend further and further into chaos.
We are forced to have faith in the systems in place, if we are to believe in justice, in what is right, that every m
:iconemmalita02:Emmalita02 1 0
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Hello, there.
My name is Brooke, I am a student and SPA, traditional artist currently taking some well-needed art classes. I am saving up to buy more tools for the mural widget, and sincerely appreciate all donations.
Hugs and kisses <3

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So, my art teachers just lost her pet ball python. His name was Castiel, after the angel in the TV series, Supernatural, and she was extremely distraught when she found out.
I want to find some way to help cheer her up, which is going to be very difficult, this is where you come in.
I would like to request a drawing of the angel Castiel addressed to Mrs Miller. As of right now I can not offer anything in return, but anyone who fills this request for me can request a portrait of any real person and I will do it.

Please do not ignore, this teacher is a close friend of mine and I hate to see her upset. Thank you.
So, on my old account, I made so many friends. And I loved it, I didn't need to talk to other people I met, (I was highly introverted, homeschooled and lived in the middle of nowhere, so I only ever had like 3 friends IRL). 
But I would speak with all these amazing artists I met, and we would exchange compliments and help each other grow as artists. And I really miss that.

So here is a shoutout to everyone I knew as Riordanfan13, (:iconeagle7247:, :iconpsylancesimons:), I want to start having real conversations with you all again. Talking to each other and following one another on other social media. 

You are all awesome, I would love to be a part of that. 
Hey guys, sorry I'm never on, I got busy with doing school, being lazy and not having a computer. 
New information; I've got some new art to submit which I will attempt to have up by next week, and I am currently having trouble keeping my ball python off of the computer. 

I love you guys and I appreciate all feedback on my art, positive or negative.
Seeya later :love:
So, lately I've been getting behind on uploading again, sorry about that. I have a lot of school work to do and when I'm not in school I have homework. Thankfully, though, I've been taking an art class, and have a lot of new pieces to upload, it's just a matter of when I can get to it. Anyways, thank you guys for being so patient about this, I promise; it'll pay off.
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I did this for my English project, I just thought you guys might be interested.

"Identify the antagonist, protagonist, and point of view."

Nothing But The Truth is a book formatted in such a way that makes it difficult to determine these plot points. It would seem that both Margaret Narwin and Philip Malloy are the antagonist, leading to the point that they could both also be the protagonist. The ingenious way that this book is written makes the reader sympathize with and despise both of these main characters. It would seem that there is no specific point of view, the book is written in documentary form, showing letters, conversations, phone calls, and documents of all kinds. Though these things make it difficult, it is still not impossible to identify a main point of view, that being of one Philip Malloy.

"What is the climax of the story? How does the story end?"

It would seem that the main event of the entire story, the thing that would make readers bite their nails and tense their muscles in anticipation, would be Philip Malloy's story getting published. An event that started in a small town in New Hampshire was quickly spread across the entire country, thanks to a curious little reporter. The resolution to all of Philip Malloy's problems, and the event that would put an end to this story, would be Philip's switch from a high school in New Hampshire, to a nice boarding school in Washington D.C.

"Explain the cause and effect of the characters' actions and how it is important to the plot."

It would seem that the cause for Philip's actions would be that he doesn't like his English teacher, Ms. Margaret Narwin, leading to an event that got him thrown out of homeroom for humming the National Anthem during morning exercises when they played the song and asked everyone to stand at respectful, silent attention. After getting suspended for doing this three times, Philip meets with a reporter, who weaves a false tale, leading all of the students at the school, who all quite enjoy Ms. Narwin's company, to hate Philip.

"Critique and review the book based on character development, plot, and overall reader appeal."

Nothing But The Truth is an excellent read, when it comes to overall appeal, this book gets five stars. The plot was intelligently crafted for reader appeal, all plot points seem to line up and tie together in the end. This book gives readers the feeling of actual connection with the characters, giving the reader a way to see all character viewpoints.

“Analyze how the author’s choice of setting impacts the tone of the book and how changing the setting would change the story.”

The fact that this book is placed in a high school, as opposed to some corporate business, makes it appeal to a much younger crowd. Readers enjoy stories that they can relate to – stories set in situations that they have had experiences with, but on much less dramatic levels. Readers like when an ordinary everyday situation is converted to some big crazy adventure.


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